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deirdre fitzpatrick

Deirdre Fitzpatrick O'Reilly

fitness & wellness coach - author

Better My Body is a fitness and wellness company running Yoga and fitness classes in West Clare. It hosts Wellness Retreats in Doonbeg incorporating Yin Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation workshops and practices.

Better My Body was established by Deirdre Fitzpatrick O'Reilly in 2005, she is author of best selling book 'Surfing the Waves of Stress' and delivers mindfulness and meditation seminars in the workplace and at wellness events around Ireland.

Deirdre featured as a fitness and wellness coach on Kathryn Thomas' Pure Results Bootcamp.



Full & Half Day Retreats

A day to restore balance and rejuvenate the body and mind with Deirdre on her full day or half day retreats in Doonbeg. You will leave energised, revitalised and centered. For more information download our retreat brochure or click on upcoming events for event schedule and bookings.

The Half Day Retreat in Doonbeg consists of Yin Yoga, Mindfulness workshops, and Sound Bath and includes a light breakfast.

The Full Day Retreat extends the half day retreat classes a little longer and includes an additional two course lunch at the luxurious Trump International Hotel and a relaxing walk on Doonbeg's beautiful Dougmore Beach. All transfers to and from the hotel are included.


Yin Yoga
A gentle flow of Yin Yoga to harmonize the meridian energy flow, increase vitality to the internal organs, unlock restriction in the joints, improve circulation and cool the nervous system. Blended with mindfulness awareness exercise to scan and map the body so you feel centered and grounded. The Yin Yoga session is followed by a relaxing meditation.

Minfulness Workshops
Learn how to reduce stress and become present in the moment with Deirdre's highly engaging workshops. Gain an understanding of Mindfulness and the simple tools that you can use to move from busyness to stillness.

The Sound Bath
Take part in a Tibetan singing bowls experience. All the sounds from the various instruments resonate with a healing vibration, balancing your mind and body.

For Bookings or information on upcoming events please contact us.



pic one
5 Weeks
60 Mins
Level 3

Fat Loss, Muscle Sculpting and Monster Metabolism

Class structure

Thirty minutes of Kettlebells using interval training. Work for 45 seconds rest for 15. Thirty minutes of Pilates and deep stretching.

Class Description

This high intensity class which is low impact targets the whole body. Each Kettlebell exercise engages the big muscle groups of the upper, middle and lower body so you get strength and cardiovascular served up together. Short workout with results. No more running on the treadmill for thirty minutes and then hitting the weights for another thirty. This workout gives two for the price of one.

The second part of the class is Pilates for some deep core work and stretching. It's the perfect wind down engaging smaller muscle groups enhancing stability, mobility and flexibility.

  • Increase your core strength
  • High Intensity - Low Impact
  • Deep stretching


pic two
5 Weeks
90 Mins
Level 2

Great Posture, Toned, Stretched and Relaxed

Class Structure

Five Pilates exercises followed by five yoga poses for 60minutes. 30 minutes of relaxation, mindfulness and meditation.

Class Description

Soothing exercises to relieve tension form the body and mind. These floor based rejuvenating exercises restore balance inside and out. This class is the perfect compliment to replenish your body if you workout and train hard. Gently toning the body targeting the tummy muscles and back. Improve your posture and stand tall.

  • Improve posture
  • Relaxation

Yin Yoga & Mindfulness

pic two
90 Mins
Level 1

Relaxation, rejuvenation, feeling present and peaceful.

Class structure

A mix of Mindfulness, gentle flow Yin Yoga, Energy Balancing, Meditation and deep relaxation.

Class Description

The Yin Yoga is blended with mindfulness awareness exercises throughout the class to scan and map the body so you feel centered and grounded, mindfulness breathing and meditation to help to anchor your attention and awareness in the present moment and to settle a scattered mind.

Please be aware that this class is very therapeutic and is not a workout.

  • Relaxation
  • Yoga
  • Meditation & Mindfulness


Deirdre delivers mindfulness and meditation seminars in a authentic way that is easy to understand and apply to every day life.

She shares personal stories on how mindfulness and meditation have helped her along her journey running a successful fitness and wellness business, dealing with personal setbacks and developing resilience.

Deirdre's seminars are fun, highly engaging and are guaranteed to brighten up the whole room.

For information or corporate bookings please contact us.

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