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5 Weeks
60 Mins
Level 3

Fat Loss, Muscle Sculpting and Monster Metabolism

Class structure

Thirty minutes of Kettlebells using interval training. Work for 45 seconds rest for 15. Thirty minutes of Pilates and deep stretching.

Class Description

This high intensity class which is low impact targets the whole body. Each Kettlebell exercise engages the big muscle groups of the upper, middle and lower body so you get strength and cardiovascular served up together. Short workout with results. No more running on the treadmill for thirty minutes and then hitting the weights for another thirty. This workout gives two for the price of one.

The second part of the class is Pilates for some deep core work and stretching. It's the perfect wind down engaging smaller muscle groups enhancing stability, mobility and flexibility.

  • Increase your core strength
  • High Intensity - Low Impact
  • Deep stretching


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5 Weeks
90 Mins
Level 2

Great Posture, Toned, Stretched and Relaxed

Class Structure

Five Pilates exercises followed by five yoga poses for 60minutes. 30 minutes of relaxation, mindfulness and meditation.

Class Description

Soothing exercises to relieve tension form the body and mind. These floor based rejuvenating exercises restore balance inside and out. This class is the perfect compliment to replenish your body if you workout and train hard. Gently toning the body targeting the tummy muscles and back. Improve your posture and stand tall.

  • Improve posture
  • Relaxation

Be Kind to your mind Workshops

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1 Day
8 Hours
Mindfulness, Meditation and positivity

This “Be Kind to Your Mind” Workshop is a full day comprising of mindfulness, meditation, positivity exercises as well as relaxation. The workshop will help participants how to identify negative thinking and how changing to positive thoughts can impact greatly on your life.

In addition the workshop will include mindful meditations to build self-awareness, self-confidence and again reduce stress. Though stress may be part of life now, this workshop will illustrate that though stress cannot be eradicated, how you handle it can drastically reduce its effects mentally and physically. Though there is saying ‘You are your own worst critic’…this course will empower participants to be their own advocates and reap the positive change that being one’s own strongest advocate brings!

Based on the philosophy of Louise Hay.

Upcoming Dates 2015
  • Saturday 21st November

Upcoming Dates 2016
  • Saturday 13th February
  • Saturday 19th March
  • Saturday 16th April.

Falls Hotel, Ennistymon



deirdre fitzpatrick

Deirdre Fitzpatrick

fitness instructor

Better My Body offers unique fitness and wellbeing classes run in Doonbeg. The classes offer lots of variety and fun from week to week leaving you buzzed and balanced. If you like working out and keeping fit, come to great motivating classes by Better My Body.

Better My Body also run monthly Mindful Meditation workshops to detox your mind and enhance wellbeing.

Better My Body was founded by Deirdre Fitzpatrick who has 18 years experience in the health and fitness industry as a leading fitness professional. Deirdre excels in designing and delivering professional and unique class styles of Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, and Kettlebells. Her positive energy and enthususiam makes every class a wonderful experience.